Avenue South Residence


  • Location: Silat Avenue, Singapore
  • Country: Singapore
  • Year (TOP): -
  • Status: Under Construction
  • Developer: UOL Group Limited
  • Number of Unit: 1074

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Avenue South Residences consist of two super-high-rise buildings topping at 56 stories, and composed of prefabricated units. The two flagship skyscrapers will be erected amidst the original backdrop of five four-story heritage buildings created in the Art Deco-style that are currently on Silat Avenue amongst the historical KTM Rail Coordinator area. The Avenue South Residences symbolize ADDP Architects’ ability to fuse futuristic and ecologically-conscious modern housing while paying homage to the heritage of Singapore. This live-work-play concept aims to provide a new, innovative residential product while preserving the neighborhood’s verdant nature and its green spaces.

Avenue South Park intends to provide residents with meaningful engagement to the surrounding environment by forming an inclusive oasis-like community space surrounded by a majestic canopy of conserved trees. The distinct 56-story tall twin-towers stand out with their elegant simplicity and sharp lines coupled with rhythmically located pockets of sky terraces. A textured fabric is expressed through repetition of wood-colored vertical screens, offering a sun-shading application. Lush sky terraces inserted into the facade design of the two skyscrapers serve to break down the scale of the towers and create a visual connection to nature. These terraces are accessible to residents and offer multi-story green spaces are varying levels above the city. Inspired by elements of tropical architecture and multi-heightened positioning, the sky terraces, balconies and sun-shading screens harmoniously integrate with the overall building form and architectural treatment of the development.