The Clement Canopy


  • Location: Clementi Avenue 1
  • Country: Singapore
  • Year (TOP): 2019
  • Status: Completed
  • Developer: United Venture Development (Clementi) Pte Ltd
  • Number of Unit: 505


Located along the serene boulevard of Clementi Avenue 1, the development is home to 505 apartments rising above in two 40-storey towers. It takes inspiration from the meekly realm of the forest, where the impression of towering trees and calm flowing streams invoke a complete sense of immersion into the woods, wilderness and the state of tranquility it offers to the senses.

The landscape deck is set against the backdrop of a central estuarine-like stream that forms the heartbeat of the development. The mood of a forest, growing naturally and erratically, is juxtaposed against clusters of intimate shed-like structures. The elemental boundaries are broken down where the trees and structures are concerned – pavilion roofs share the same footprint as the garden trees, poetically creating shade from both form of canopies.


Forest glass houses populate the valley-like deck, making for personal, contemplative nooks for residents. These reflective boxes act as activity nodes, adding to the visual and aural splendor of the ground-scape setting where the gentle movement of water reflects the silhouette of the verdant trees above.

Rising above the dramatic mirage created by sculpted streams and lush foliage, the 40-storey towers redefine the skyline of the West Coast and Clementi. Dwellings are oriented to the North and South offering views to nature (Bukit Timah Nature Reserve) and to the coast of Singapore Straits.